Bitcoin (BTC) speculator sees an upcoming USD Crash

Bitcoin (BTC) critic sees US dollar crash coming, the never-ending money pressure of the central banks is causing more and more talk. Nobody can say for sure whether Bitcoin (BTC) will benefit or not. However, there is agreement that this is not healthy in the long run. Euro Pacific Capital CEO Peter Schiff, also known as the Bitcoin critic, has tweeted that current circumstances show a very strong US dollar crisis that could soon trigger a huge crash.


More comments made

He also commented on the numerous proposals to stop funding the police, while Binance’s CEO said the negative events in 2020 for Bitcoin (BTC) would be very beneficial and will result in wider acceptance of BTC.With his views, Schiff is not the only expert who is convinced that the USD will crash. His arguments are based on the fact that the Fed printed over $ 6 trillion in the current crisis.

He wrote about the freshly printed dollars being injected into the economy and said that after the Fed had satisfactorily met demand for USD, the result was a flood of USD that no one needs or wants.


State authority should no longer be financed

A little earlier, Schiff also shared his views on the numerous proposals to cut funding after her brutal treatment of George Floyd, which resulted in his death.For ships, it would make sense for the government to levy less tax on US taxpayers so people could buy personal weapons to protect their property.