Bitcoin failed?! – TPT new number 1: get in now?

Nobody thought it possible but now it has happened – Bitcoin has been replaced. Bitcoin has never been thrown from the throne at CoinMarketCap. Not even the mother of all shitcoins (Ethereum) did it in 2018. Admittedly, the new project really impresses not only with a revolutionary approach, a sophisticated token economics and a strong team, but also with a strong use case. But what exactly happened and why did BTC have to give up his position without a fight?


Bitcoin has failed – long live TPT

There has never been a token that has moved to the top of the crypto food chain so quickly. It just took him a day to not only throw the wannabe bank coin (Ripple alias XRP) from the throne, but also the popular smart contract platform (Ethereum) of a crazy Russian scientist (Vitalik Buterin) who has emigrated to Canada since Chernobyl is and continues to mischief there.If you look at CoinMarketCap today, you will quickly notice that nothing is as it used to be. In the first place, we no longer see Bitcoin, but the TPT, which made a staggering 1,123.97% and is completely sold out. The current TPT price is $ 1.64. The abbreviation is the toilet paper token, which represents the physical toilet paper in digital form and is already completely sold out. The TPT shelves show yawning emptiness and the desperate people are waiting at the counters of the centralized crypto exchanges to perhaps get hold of a few vital TPTs.