Bitcoin popular with millennials like never before

In a large-scale study, The Tokenist surveys over 4,000 participants on broad topics related to Bitcoin and Co. The study shows: Millennials in particular now trust cryptocurrencies more than banks.Quo vadis, Bitcoin? The tokenist The Tokenist investigated this question and, in the largest study of its kind to date, asked 4,852 individuals from 17 countries about Bitcoin, banks and the like. The Tokenist describes the results as “remarkable”. Not only is the knowledge of the oldest cryptocurrency at a significantly higher level than in the past, but also with regard to the future, it is significantly more bullish than 2017.


The crux of the matter is trust

The study clearly builds on the assumption that Bitcoin is a kind of counter-proposal to the global financial system and the traditional banking sector, which has lost some confidence in the 2008 financial crisis at the latest. The authors see the value proposition of Bitcoin above all in being able to restore this trust in the financial sector. This appears to coincide with the study results. After all, 47 percent of those surveyed stated that they already have greater confidence in the cryptocurrency than in traditional banks. Compared to several comparative studies from 2017, this is an increase of 29 percent.