For Blockchain: IOTA Tangle not yet suitable for the masses

Since May, the decentralized social media framework, SOCIETY2, has announced the establishment of social networks based on blockchain related IOTA’s distributed ledger technology. In a new blog entry, head of development department, Ben Royce, explains that decentralized alternatives to LinkedIn, Quora, Twitter, Facebook could be imagined.However, there are currently still some hurdles for the IOTA Tangle that have so far made implementation for the mass market difficult.


Deleting Data is problematic

According to Royce, deleting and changing data on the network is problematic, which is completely common in social networks. Bridging measures can be found, but due to the global data protection regulations (GDPR), a real deletion in the system is necessary.

Royce criticizes the solution offered by blockchain related IOTA because “this is not the way you run a social media platform”. The Chronicle IOTA permanent data solution would keep “all spam mails, all transactions, everything,” says Royce. Instead, a selective permanent code is required. So “a node that only permanently stores the transactions that meet the criteria that the node describes.”


Royce also noted that although the Tangle can store large amounts of data, it is “currently not advisable due to performance limitations in transaction size / speed.” This could be remedied by external hosts such as InterPlanetary File Systems (IPFS).