Gold: Long-term upward trend has begun

The fund house Craton Capital, which specializes in commodities, sees precious metals and mining stocks as the investments that play a key role in a changed investment environment. Everyone is talking about gold, but little is still invested. So there is still a lot of room for improvement. According to UBS, global family offices, for example, only invest 0.8 percent in gold.

Multi-year upward trend
Craton Capital is assuming a multi-year upward trend in precious metals and mining values. This should make investors sit up and take notice. Mine values have had a long soil formation phase, but they completed it in April. The upward trend in precious metals and mines began before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gold mining stocks as a return push
Gold mining stocks can greatly improve the portfolio in terms of returns. So one can only advise investors to take advantage of attractive gold mining companies, because they are a valuable investment and can bring profits that are otherwise not easy to achieve. Word has got around by now that price drops are to be seen as buying opportunities.Well-positioned precious metal companies include Mawson Resources, Fiore Gold and Filo Mining. Mawson Resources operates in two climatically contrasting regions. The high-quality Rompas-Rajapalot gold-cobalt project (more than ten square kilometers) is located in Finland, and interests in gold concession areas are being developed in Australia (Victoria), creating a strong gold exploration portfolio.