Have Gold and Silver joined the upward trend this week?

Consolidation seems to be a thing of the past again. Gold and silver have resumed the upward trend in the past few days. And the positive voices are piling up: Goldman Sachs now sees a gold price of $ 2,000 and silver at $ 22 – all within the next 12 months, mind you. After we have expanded our silver exposure in the growth depot at Goldfolio in the past few days, the focus is on the next depositing in the exploration depot.


20 percent increase

After the last custody account has worked up about 20 percent and is close to a new all-time high from a chart point of view and therefore a big buy signal, the new custody account has just completed a financing round and is working on one of the highest-grade gold projects in Canada. After the stock consolidated over the past few weeks, it resumed its upward trend on Friday. The project is located in a hot spot in the mining industry. Numerous industry giants operate their projects in close proximity to the flagship project of our new portfolio value. Ultimately, the question is: how large is the deposit on which our new portfolio value is located. In other words, can the company even expand into the Osisko Mining dimension? The group is currently only 10 percent of Osisko’s market capitalization. And that promises plenty of room for improvement.