How the corona crisis will make it hard for blockchain companies

Blockchain start-ups: dangers posed by the corona crisis

In general, blockchain start-ups are faced with problems in the current situation. Funding rounds are difficult to impossible. Larger companies will increasingly have their budgets frozen. Start-ups in the B2B area in particular will struggle with sales activities. The important events and conferences will be canceled for months to come. This eliminates an essential function of the conferences, at which start-ups present themselves and can establish important contacts. Here, however, it also depends on the individual case: Start-ups in the field of cryptocurrencies will probably do it easier than those who operate in the area of enterprise DLT.

A blockchain start-up that is now trying to sell a prototype to a large corporation will have a hard time. Companies will keep their powder dry and change their priorities quite uncompromisingly. What you don’t have to do is postponed. It could be difficult for innovation and orchid projects like prototype development.But what follows now is extremely important: Not all startups will have a hard time; To do this, you have to split the young blockchain companies into two groups.