Satoshi’s vision: Alternative ways to buy Bitcoin


The safest way to maintain anonymity when buying Bitcoin is mining. However, if you put an ASIC miner in the living room and hope for the digital rain of money, you should be disappointed. Because now mining as a lone fighter can hardly be contested profitably. This can be remedied by joining a mining pool, such as a slush pool. Anyone who has only connected a few devices can already participate here.

Typically, mining pools distribute BTC profits in proportion to the contribution to accumulated hash power.



HodlHodl is a peer-to-peer exchange as it is in the book. Instead of managing order books, HodlHodl only offers a platform on which providers and buyers can arrange to trade Bitcoin. One of the most popular payment methods: cash. Cash is still the only truly anonymous form of payment available. For Bitcoiners with privacy affinity, HodlHodl should be an interesting point of contact.If you are thinking about doing Bitcoin transactions in cash, you should take certain security precautions. Because you probably cannot avoid a personal meeting with the business partner.