Top 10 Experts in the Gold Industry Featuring Harald Seiz

Gold has been one of the if not the most valuable precious metals for a long time, and the last hundreds of years, it has experienced a rollercoaster ride. Shareholders are in search of improved returns, and investors are buying gold as a way of diversifying their financial portfolios to minimize risk and maximize returns through derivatives and futures contracts. But it is as Harald Seiz, who is an authority in the gold industry and an author, stated: Only those who have mastered their craft can accomplish great feats.

Lack of information has negatively affected investors and hindered constructive debates, debilitating values that ordinarily would have positively affected individuals, communities, and nations as a whole. Fake facts have been spread by many, and a lot of people believe that the easiest way to gain exposure to gold is through stocks, which are uncharted territory for many and a place that requires the guidance of experts in the industry.

Regardless of the situation of the gold industry, it’s imperative that investors and gold enthusiasts be kept abreast of the situation of the industry by looking out for experts. Below are the top 10 experts in the gold industry.


The top experts in the gold industry

Ed Crooks

Ed Crooks is an editor at Financial Times, an international daily newspaper with a keen interest in business and economic news. Ed Crooks is a leading figure in social media with an emphasis on Twitter, as he has been named to be among the top 10 gold experts on the platform.

Crooks was a correspondent on economics for BBC as well as an economic analyst for the institute of fiscal policies.


James Turk

James Turk is the founder of Goldmoney. With Turk being a banker and investor, his mission is to make gold accessible to everyone.

He has published twenty issues annually on the free market gold and money report, an investment newsletter. He’s also a notable figure in issues relating to gold on Twitter.


Bob Carlson

Bob Carlson is an independent researcher with decades of experience in the financial market as well as an editor of the monthly newsletter called Retirement Watch. Carlson is an attorney and has received an M.S.A. from the prestigious University of Virginia.

Carlson is also an author of numerous books such as “Securing Your Lifetime Stream of Income.”


Mike Cintolo

Mike Cintolo is the creator of Cabot Network, which is a stock and market timing expert. He has several years of experience in the stock industry and has developed quite a handful of tools and market rules for investors to help in the buying and selling of stocks.

Cintolo is the Vice President of Investments and Chief Analyst of Franco-Nevada, which is a Canada-based company that owns royalties and streams in gold mining and other commodity and natural resource investments.


Adrian Day

Adrian Day is the creator and founder of Adrian Day Asset Management and the author of the book “Investing in Resources.” He has promoted global investment and is regarded as one of the pioneers of such in the United States and also sub-adviser to the EuroPacific Gold Fund.

Jack Adamo

Jack is no stranger to the gold industry and has various publications in Forbes, such as “5 Controversial Gold Stocks And 3 ETFs: Where’s The Real Value?” Further, he is an editor of Insiders Plus.


In one of his interviews with Steven Halpern of money show, Jack Adamo explained why he remains bullish on the prospects of gold and why physical assets like gold will appreciate considerably over time.


Adamo was stuck in recession and inflation of the eighties, and his method of analysis is based on fundamentals as well as trends.

Brien Lundin

Brien is an investment expert with a career spanning over four decades, he’s the editor and publisher of Gold Newsletter, under Jefferson financial. Brien Lundin has made several publications in Forbes, and he is a world-renowned expert of precious metals.


Harald Seiz

Harald Seiz is a successful gold expert and entrepreneur as well as the founder of Karatbars International. Further, Harald Seiz is the author of several books, like “Think Big” and “The Future of Money.”

While he had humble beginnings, Harald Seiz worked his way to a successful entrepreneurial life.


John Persinos

John Persinos analyzes and interprets to his readers. He is also the managing editor of personal finance and an author at Investing Daily. Persinos has years of experience under his belt and is a known figure in the gold market.

In his article “three gold plays for the new era of chaos,” Persinos stated that every portfolio deserves a gold hedge, and he sees gold as the investment to stick to in a crisis.


Alf Field

Alf Field has been spot-on with his gold predictions, and many refer to him as the world’s best gold analyst. On November 25, 2008, ALF wrote an article titled “Elliot Wave Gold Update 23,” in which he made speculations on the price of gold, some of which have been a yardstick used by analysts to ascertain the price of the gold market.



Gold will forever be treasured as one the most sought after precious metals, its history is filled with both mysticism and beauty, but whatever the future holds for the gold industry, we’ll surely have people to look up to for guidance and direction.