Tron community angry: Using Genisis coins in votes

The Tron (TRX) community was beside themselves on Wednesday, February 19. Founder Justin Sun’s address voted two apps from the Tron Foundation as Super Representatives (SR). Tron-Ace and Tron-Bet were voted Super Representatives by the Zion address. The Zion address also received 99 billion TRX from the Genesis block of the coin.

Super Representatives are responsible for monitoring block production on the Tron block chain. As such, they receive a substantial portion of the Coin rewards from each block. In plain language, this means that Tron’s community rules have been bypassed in order to presumably further enrich their own foundation.

Tron CEO Justin Sun had previously claimed that he and his foundation had nothing to do with community voting.


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The candidate addresses with 200 million and 310 million votes belong to Tron-Bet and Tron-Ace respectively. The address that came up happens to be the Zion address. The Zion address also received 99 billion TRX when Tron launched Mainnet in 2018. This corresponds to the entire TRX coine offer at that time.

The use of an address so clearly associated with the Tron Foundation has angered many members of the community. A member of the Tron Society requested an explanation from founder Justin Sun on Twitter on Wednesday morning:

“Tron-Bet and Tron-Ace were resolved with the help of the ZION account Could we please get an explanation?”


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Tron dApp developer Rovak summed up the situation for non-technical users and said, “It’s not okay to use these tokens if the voting is supposed to be done 100% by the community.

From Tron documents written by Justin Sun, it is clear that neither he nor the Tron Foundation would participate in community voting. According to Sun, all votes are taken by TRX owners and the community as a whole. That’s what Justin Sun stated in a media post from early February.

Last September, Cointelegraph reported that Binance became the number one Tron SR after the exchange introduced staking for TRX users. This money was then used to select Binance as the leading super-representative.