YouTube censors again! Ivan on Tech closed for a week!

After the Christmastime incident in which masses of videos of crypto-you tubers were deleted, another incident occurred yesterday. The popular crypto-you tuber Ivan on Tech transmitted a livestream and promptly received a strike.

The reason for Ivan’s strike is allegedly dangerous or harmful content. Ivan has made himself known via Twitter and demands an immediate investigation of the case. The Crypto-YouTuber does his job full time. Although he runs several channels (Twitter, Facebook), YouTube remains by far his biggest.


What could be the reason for the deletion of the video?

So far, YouTube has not responded. During the last deletion wave, YouTube allegedly made a mistake, for which the platform officially apologized. Let’s take a look at the guidelines on harmful or dangerous content on YouTube:

  • Extremely Dangerous Challenges: Challenges with an immediate risk of injury.
  • Dangerous or Threatening Pranks: Pranks or pranks where there is an immediate risk of serious injury to victims or which cause severe emotional stress to minors.
  • Instructions to kill or injure: Content that shows viewers how to kill or maim others, such as instructions on how to make bombs to injure or kill people.
  • Consumption or production of hard drugs: Content that shows the abuse of narcotics such as cocaine or opioids or explains the production of such hard drugs. Hard drugs” are drugs that (in most cases) lead to physical dependence.
  • Eating disorders: Content that glorifies anorexia or other eating disorders or encourages others to imitate the behaviour. Eating disorders are pathological or disturbed eating habits that have a negative effect on health. This also includes the consumption of substances that are not food.
  • acts of violence: Content that supports or glorifies tragedies caused by violent acts, such as rampages and shootings in schools.
  • Theft instructions: Content that shows viewers how to steal money or other things.
  • Hacking: Instructions for computers or information technologies aimed at stealing access data, compromising personal data or causing significant damage to others. This includes hacking social media accounts, for example.
  • Advertising of dangerous cures and remedies: Content that claims to contain harmful substances or treatments that may have positive health effects.


We have seen the video on Twitter and cannot find anything that would apply to these points. However, in the end, the list is not complete. If this time it is not a mistake on YouTube’s part, it could be that Ivan’s massive optimism about the recent development of crypto-currency prices has been interpreted by YouTube as a dangerous investment recommendation.

It remains to be seen what really caused the strike this time.


What is a strike?

A strike is a warning with a penalty. The first strike includes a one-week suspension of access to all YouTube functions. If there is another strike within 90 days, you are blocked for 2 weeks. Three strikes within 90 days lead to a final ban from the platform. Warnings remain for 90 days.